Believe Your Dream (en)

Believe Your Dream is the first Dream’Ed album with musics like Dream’Ed Of You, Love Hymn and Don’t Back Away. It’s a “life” album with dynamic and positive waves, with touch of electro, pop and romantic pieces. Did you know ? Don’t Back Away is the worldwide music installed on all PABX systems phone from AASTRA company (in the past it was the company ERICSSON, and MITEL now) since 1999 !

Styles : Electro, Pop, Ambiant, Dance
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  1.       The Way Of Light - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Electronic, Positive, Melodic

  2.       Energy Of Life - Dream'Ed

    Electronic, Pop, Energic, Melodic, Romantic

  3.       Fade To Colors - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Electronic, Pop

  4.       Fairies Dream - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Electronic, Melodic, Positive

  5.       Super Dream - Dream'Ed

    Symphonic, Melodic, Choirs, Ambiant

  6.       Love Hymn - Dream'Ed

    Electronic, Pop, Melodic, Love, Romantic

  7.       Don't Back Away - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Electronic, Pop, Piano, Melodic

  8.       Electric Sensations - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Electronic, Techno, Energic, Aerial

  9.       Erydia - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Electronic, Dance, Techno, Energic, Melodic

  10.       Dream'Ed Of You - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Electronic, Dance, Pop, Techno, Melodic, Positive

  11.       Believe Your Dream - Dream'Ed

    Electronic, Dance, Piano, Melodic

  12.       Enter In The Dream'Ed World - Dream'Ed

    Electronic, Dance, Melodic, Aerial

  13.       Night Fly - Dream'Ed

    Pop, Piano, Melodic, Romantic, Balad

  14.       For My Only Love - Dream'Ed

    Pop, Melodic, Romantic, Love

  15.       Electrify - Dream'Ed

    Electronic, Dance, Bass, Synth

  16.       Fly Away - Dream'Ed

    Electronic, Dance, Bass, Aerial

Believe Your Dream Album
Believe Your Dream Album