Horizons (en)

Horizons is an album plenty of emotions and hope. A vision of horizons and universe.
From piano melodies to orchestral, electro to pop.

Discover some dynamic musics like Love In My Dreams, or mysterious piano solo as Loving Memories.
Horizons… from Universe to the Piano…
Styles : Electro, Pop, Orchestral, Ambiant
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  1.       Open Your Mind - Dream'Ed

    Ambiant, Pop, Piano, Melodic, Balad

  2.       Dream's Infinity - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Dance, Electronic, Bass, Melodic

  3.       Angel Fly - Dream'Ed

    Ambiant, Balad, Choirs, Aerial

  4.       Loving Memories - Dream'Ed

    Ambiant, Romantic, Love, Vocal

  5.       Orchestra - Dream'Ed

    Symphonic, Choirs, Melodic, Positive

  6.       Love In My Dreams - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Dance, Electronic, Vocal

  7.       Eternity - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Bass, Synth, Melodic

  8.       In Your Lovely World - Dream'Ed

    Ambiant, Balad, Choirs, Aerial

  9.       Secret Of Dreams - Dream'Ed

    Symphonic, Piano, Choirs

  10.       Heart's Melody - Dream'Ed

    Pop, Balad, Romantic, Love, Piano, Aerial

  11.       Positive Sensations - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Dance, Melodic, Piano, Synth, Positive, Energic

  12.       Walking Together - Dream'Ed

    Ambiant, Pop, Balad, Choirs, Love

  13.       Calling You In The Dark - Dream'Ed

    Ambiant, Balad, Romantic

  14.       Lost In Another World - Dream'Ed

    Ambiant, Pop, Melodic, Aerial

  15.       Believe In - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Dance, Bass, Synth, Piano, Melodic

  16.       Lights On You - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Dance, Melodic, Positive, Energic

Horizons Album
Horizons Album