Walk To The Dream (en)

Walk To The Dream is soul, inspirational and ambiant album.
Less dynamic, more deep. Discover music like Symphonia which take you to another world.
Close your eyes and start dreaming…
Styles : Electro, Pop, Orchestral, Ambiant
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  1.       Gaïa Voices - Dream'Ed

    Ambiant, Dream, Aerial, Pop

  2.       Walk To The Dream - Dream'Ed

    Ambiant, Dream, Piano, Pop, Rock, Symphonic, Choirs

  3.       World Of Fantasy - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Dance, Electronic, Melodic, Energic

  4.       Time For Love - Dream'Ed

    Ambiant, Pop, Love, Melodic

  5.       More Than Words - Dream'Ed

    Pop, Rock, Ambiant, Piano, Melodic

  6.       Symphonia - Dream'Ed

    Pop, Ambiant, Symphonic

  7.       Vision Of An Angel - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Dance, Melodic, Energic, Positive

  8.       Dueling Waves - Dream'Ed

    Ambiant, Pop, Piano

  9.       Moments Of Love - Dream'Ed

    Ambiant, Pop, Rock, Love, Romantic

  10.       In Your Dream Memory - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Dance, Melodic, Energic, Positive, Aerial

  11.       Dream'Ed Of You - Dream'Ed

    Ambiant, Balad, Piano

  12.       Love In Your Eyes - Dream'Ed

    Pop, Ambiant, Symphonic, Piano

  13.       Taking Your Hand - Dream'Ed

    Ambiant, Pop, Love, Romantic

  14.       Can You See - Dream'Ed

    Ambiant, Pop, Love, Melodic, Vocal

  15.       Never Turn Back - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Dance, Pop, Basse

  16.       Love Can Save You - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Electronic, Synth, Basse

  17.       Another Dream - Dream'Ed

    Dream, Dance, Melodic, Electronic, Aerial

Walk To The Dream Album
Walk To The Dream Album