About Dream'Ed

Dream'ED is an independant french author compositor of dream, dance, pop, ambiant, romantic and orchestral music with 20 years experience. You can listen and buy Dream’Ed albums for your videos, publicity, trailer, video game, project or just for your own pleasure. Dream'Ed is also providing music creation for enterprise or specific creation like video game, film or VR project.

It all started with a love for dream music …

Dream’Ed debuted in 1996, at the height of Dream music. Notable composer of this genre are Robert Miles and Jean-Michel Jarre. Dream music allies innovation with authenticity by mixing instruments (the piano in particular) with electronic rythms and sounds based on captivating melodies. Dream’Ed is the fusion of two words : « dream » and my initials « Ed ». Their association gives the word « dreamed » which is perfect to describe dream music.

And then I put myself to work

At age sixteen, I started to improvise on my old Roland E-16… It brings back memories ! Already passionate about technology, I naturally went and explored the world of computer music. I started with a venerable Sound Blaster AWE 32 sound card equipped with whopping 1Mo memory sticks dedicated to audio processing. Then came music softwares like « Cakewalk » (called now Sonar) which was small enough to come in 3.5 inch floppy disk (amazingly !). Now it’s been replaced by softwares like Logic or the plugin Spectrasonics. On the hardware side, I worked with my Roland (XV, Integra7, Vsynth), Korg... With a particular preference for the Roland V-Synth which doesn’t leave my side even to this day !

Independant composer = freedom ?

It was a personal choice to work independantly : the freedom of creativity is liberating. An independant musician doesn’t work with time constraints. I can compose, refine, get inspired and start all over again. Music composition needs inspiration, freedom of movement and time ! It can be tough as an independant artist to face the numerous techniques and interested third parties. Being independant can sometimes feel lonely. I was… but with time and experience, I can give you one advice : don’t mind it. Compose. Do your thing. Do what your love and don’t worry about anything else. Surround yourself with people you trust, create partnerships, always learn, and go forward, step by step…

Dream’Ed style : a mix of trippy, rythmic music and a touch of emotion

My music is based on one main component : melody. Each song tells its own story with an introduction, a power up, a chorus and rythmic moments. I’m not talking about repetitive music, that’s the commercial way, not mine. The names of the songs aim to remind you of a life moment where you felt sad, lonely, in love, full of hope or comforted. Each moment reflects my own experience and I hope will help you remember yours too. That’s my goal : I try to push emotion inside my music so that the listener can experience it at his turn and feel great about it.

Let’s present Dream’Ed to the world…

In 1998 I started to distribute my music on plateforms like MP3.COM (independant music website). « Dream’Ed Of You » is probably the most notorious of them. It worked more than I thought and helped me make my music known outside of France, internationaly and in particular in the United States. In 1999 I entered a competition at F.A.U.S.T (Forum des Arts de l’Univers Scientifique et Technologique) at the Parc des Expositions in Toulouse, France. It was a big competition touching different arts (graphics, music, 3D, etc.). I won in the category « Best independant composer » !

Dream’Ed ? You may have heard it ! …

In 1999 I was contacted by the company ERICSSON, an international telecom manufacturer that became AASTRA MITEL. They wanted to use one of my songs in a telephone unit sold worldwide, the MD Evolution : My song « Don’t Back Away » was used in the ROM of all those sets and was then heard in banks, some big corporations and insurance companies worldwide, for some 10 years, which represents around 100.000 systems with my music inside around the world :)

      Don't Back Away - Believe Your Dream
I was often surprised to hear my music when I called my own bank… That’s a true story !

2005 First album release : BELIEVE YOUR DREAM

In 2005, I had my first album released, a compilation of my work at the time. What a rush ! The first release is always the most vivid and proud moment. At the time I worked with the designer Magel Design based in Toulouse, France, who did an amazing job with the CD covers and inside design. I still work with her to this day !
The graphics are on target with Dream’Ed spirit : the force of nature meets the force of music. It’s a central theme of all my albums. In this album BELIEVE YOUR DREAM, you can find melodic songs like « Don’t Back Away » (already mentionned), « Dream’Ed Of You », or « Love Hymn » …
      Don't Back Away - Believe Your Dream
      Dream'Ed Of You - Believe Your Dream
      Energy Of Life - Believe Your Dream
  Like all the others, this album is available on my website, and ships worldwide :
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2009 second album : WALK TO THE DREAM

In 2009, I released my second album WALK TO THE DREAM, a richer and more experienced work perfectly aligned with the first, with orchestral and seducing music like « Symphonia ». In this album you can find an old Dream’Ed song revisited among the most dynamic : « In Your Dream Memory ».
      In Your Dream Memory - Walk To The Dream
      Symphonia - Walk To The Dream
      Gaia Voices - Walk To The Dream
This album is available on my website, and ships worldwide :
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2011, third album : HORIZONS

This one presents aerial and orchestral melodies with choirs, to evoke even more emotions. In that vein, you can listen to « Secret Of Dreams » or the mesmerizing « Loving Dreams » sang in solo, accompanied with piano and violins. There’s also the more dynamic « Dream’s Infinity » which revisits the old title DreamXperience.
      Dream's Infinity - Horizons
      Loving Memories - Horizons
      Secret Of Dreams - Horizons
  This album is also available on my website, and ships worldwide too :
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2016, fourth album : ELEVATION

This album has more surprising tunes and very dynamic and rythmic ones like « Heart Energizer » and « Enlight The Dark ». « Soul Shining » is a return to more electronic sounds. This album marks also a new turn, away from the record label and back to independant work.
      Gaia Energy - Elevation
      Enlight The Dark - Elevation
      Soul Shining - Elevation
      One Way To Universe - Elevation
  You can find all four albums on this website, and on legal download platforms. One noticable difference if you buy from my website : you’ll have high definition MP3’s and the beautiful CD’s designed by Magel Design.
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2016 a new video clip !!!

With the album ELEVATION was released a video clip of « Fly Over The Sky Limit ». Produced by the French company ADB who did a fantastic job, thanks to them :) This video aims to show that one must follow his dreams before they fly away… Its hidden message can be found somewhere in the album cover… Can you find it ?
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2020 : Symphony Future is here with a new album

2020 is a big year for Dream'Ed, which the creation of a new group called Symphony Future with a new album CD available! Symphony Future is a mix between electronic music & orchestral music with Epic, Inspirational and dynamic style.

      Energy Flow - Emotions
      Loving You Beyond The Universe Limit - Emotions
      Dream Your Life - Emotions
      Walk Into The Light - Emotions
Like all the others, this album is available on my website, and ships worldwide :
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2020 : collaboration with Symbio'Z

Symphony Future Group (from Dream'Ed) is collaborating with a French Dance Team called Symbio'Z located in Lyon (France). The objective is to prepare a public show with Dancers in Break Dance & Classic style, in sync with Symphony Future music. This public show will be available in late 2021 (stay connected for the show date).
In the coming year lots of new projects : composing music for movies and video games, and maybe a fifth album… Musically, Dream'Ed
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